Top 10 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas 2024


If you believe that farmers are always suffering as a result of droughts, debts, and unpredictable rainfall, you need to think again. Even small-scale farmers may now make more money from their traditional farming operations. In agriculture, there are a variety of ways to make a good living. If you want to pursue a career in agriculture in 2024, this article will provide you with a variety of profitable ideas to help you get started.

What are some of the highest paying agricultural business ideas in 2024?

1. Cassava Farming

Cassava cultivation is becoming more profitable with each passing day in Nigeria, thanks to the expanding diversity of cassava products. For millions of Nigerians, this farm crop has traditionally been a source of livelihood and nourishment. 90% of Nigerian families use cassava products on a daily basis. Garri, wheat-flour, animal feed, industrial caramel, and a variety of other dishes are all created from cassava. The demand for cassava products will continue to rise as the population of Nigeria and Africa as a whole grows, resulting in increased income for cassava producers. Cassava farming is an excellent farming company to start if you’re seeking for an agricultural business that will nearly always sell out all of your crops.

2. Farming of Catfish

Many different types of fish are grown in Nigeria, but many people choose catfish since its meat is juicy, soft, and delicious. However, not everyone is aware that this fish can be readily cultivated even in a tiny fish farm, and that catfish farming may even be done at home. All year round, there is a significant demand for catfish. Football watching centers, restaurants, and market women who buy in bulk and sell live or smoked catfish in retail have the biggest demand. Individuals are also interested in catfish for personal consumption. You’ll never have an issue selling your catfish farming items.

3. Organic Fertilizer Production  

It takes extremely little capital and, as a result, might be regarded lucrative for a new agricultural enterprise. You may easily start this business if you have a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process. Vermicompost is a nutrient-dense organic fertilizer and soil conditioner that includes water-soluble nutrients. It has a variety of applications, including farming and small-scale, sustainable, organic farming. It’s worth noting that vermicomposting may also be used to cleanse sewage sludge.

4. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable agriculture businesses in the world today. Furthermore, for those looking for a lucrative agri-business profession, the poultry firm is the best alternative. Over the previous three decades, it has progressed from backyard farming to a techno-commercial enterprise. It is the fastest-growing segment in the agriculture and farming industries.

5. Mushroom Farming

You can make a lot of money in only a few weeks if you pursue this company. It has a modest start-up capital need. It is possible to start a mushroom farming business with only a basic understanding of mushroom cultivation and a farm.

6. Farming Pigs

Pig farming is a popular and successful livestock industry in Nigeria. Pigs are prolific breeders and may deliver 10 to 14 piglets in a single birth, making commercial pig farming advantageous. Pig meat (pork) is in high demand since it is a good source of protein and also delicious. The pork market in West Africa alone is worth roughly $3 billion in terms of consumption. Importation accounts for 80% of the total. That’s a significant amount of untapped revenue.

7. The Business of Beekeeping

It needs daily monitoring and strict bee supervision. Beekeeping is done for the purpose of selling honey and other goods such as wax. Not to mention the fact that honey is in high demand across the world. Choosing this business is a lucrative enterprise that just demands a minimal investment.

8. Maize Farming

In Nigeria, the maize agricultural industry has been booming for decades. Maize, usually known as corn, is one of the most widely grown food crops in Africa. Maize may be prepared in a variety of ways, and millions of Nigerians rely on it since it is less expensive than wheat, rice, and other common grains and cereals. It is impossible to overstate the importance of maize production in Nigeria. Maize provides a variety of by-products. Other products derived from maize cultivation include Pap, Custard, Corn Oil, Alcohol, Cornflake, Animal/Livestock Feeds, Corn Flour, Corn Starch, and Corn Powder.

9. Snail Farming

It is a term used to describe the practice of raising snails. It refers to the method of raising land snails for human consumption. It includes virtually all of the amino acids necessary by the human body and is high in protein, iron, and low in fat. In addition, particular knowledge of contemporary technology is essential.

10. Rice farming

Nigeria is the largest rice producer in West Africa and the third largest in Africa, behind Egypt and Madagascar, with an annual output of roughly 3.6 million metric tons. Surprisingly, Nigeria continues to fall short of satisfying its domestic demand, which is estimated to be around 5.5 million tons.

Given Nigeria’s large rice market, if you’re searching for a successful agricultural business in Nigeria, you should seriously consider entering the rice farming industry, which is unquestionably one of the most profitable in the country’s agricultural sector.

So there you have the list of the top 10 most profitable agric business ideas to venture into in 2023.

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  2. B.H.C Shanjili says:

    I have plans and ideas to venture into agri business but all am lacking its the capital. Especially poultry farming,bee keeping,maize farming and piggery farming i can manage them all very well

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    Im a Zimbabwean man looking forward to venture into the farming business but still lacking Start up Capital . Anyone willing to help with anything be it Equipment , Ideas and Money will be greatly appreciated.

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    I really want to start a business.. but I realised that .. starting a business under agriculture is the best thing to do this day’s.. but the difficulties now is the start up capital that was the problem I wish help and support can come my way to start .. may God help me

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