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Neogric Facilitate The Supply & Export of Agric & Commodity Products To Businesses While Providing Deep Market Insights for Superior Decision

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A lot of international buyers face lots of challenges in their bid to get trusted suppliers for their desired products. On the other hand, farmers lose a considerable part of their farm produce to inefficient storage and a fragmented supply chain. They also lose money to racketeering activities of middle men.

By leveraging technology, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions for farmers, businesses and consumers.


Our end-to-end supply chain solution helps in the prompt delivery of produce to the buyers. Also by largely cutting out inefficient middlemen activities we are able to provide goods at competitive prices, while also providing increased transparency (such as crop traceability).
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By building a high-speed, and tech-driven supply chain, we are able to get the supplies from the farms to the buyers in record time. Farmers (Sellers) also gain access to a broader market thereby making up to 25% more income and getting paid much quicker.
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We know that not everyone is involved agriculture, some are just looking for opportunities for safe investments or they are good at brokering deals. Investors can earn as hight as 8-15% of profits while brokers earn between 2.5-5% in commission.
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