Neogric is on a mission to solve the supply chain issue in Africa’s agric industry by combining deep expertise in the Sesame Oil industry (plus vast access to farmers and suppliers) with a unique AI-powered technology. In short, we facilitate the supply and export of Sesame Oil to local and global businesses.

Sesame Oil From Neogric

Looking to purchase Sesame Oil of excellent quality (at a very competitive price) and have it supplied or shipped to any port around the world? If yes, you are in the right place! Our world-class team at Neogric are here to make sure every of your transactions is fast, safe, and profitable.

We carry out our Sesame Oil export business in a totally transparent manner, and all suppliers on our platform have been thoroughly vetted. All you have to do is place your order (below) and wait for your produce to arrive.

What Makes Sesame Oil So Important?

Sesame Oil is used in the confectionery industry as oil and flavour enhancers. Nigerian Sesame Oil is widely accepted in the International Markets and are available in large quantities.

Nigerian Sesame Oil

Our Sesame oil is unmixed, undiluted and 100% pure. Some of its benefits include:

  • It has Healing Properties
  • Can Aid in the Treatment Of Sunburns
  • May Support Your Immune System
  • Helps in the Treatment Of Anxiety
  • May Soothe Rheumatoid Arthritic Pain

Sesame Seed and Sesame Cake

Sesame Seeds are very rich in oil content, which is why they are in such huge demand. The Sesame Oil Cake/Meal that is left after the extraction of the oil is very rich in protein and is widely used in animal feed production.

There are two varieties of Sesame seeds:

– White Sesame Seeds, grown in the Middle Belt of the country, especially Benue State.
– Golden Sesame Seeds, found in the Northern part of the country (Kano State is a major producer of this type).

Our Sesame Oil Trade Specifications

Below Are Our Sesame Oil Trade Specifications:

Origin: Nigeria
Product Type: Sesame Oil
Physical Specification: Based On Buyer’s Specification
Quantity: Based On Buyer’s Specification
Trade Process: FOB/CIF
Colour: Yellow
Packaging: Based on Buyer’s Specification
Payment Method: TT or L/C
Shipping Time: 15 to 25 days after confirmation of TT or L/C
Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria or Tema, Ghana

Expected Shipping Documents
– Bill of Lading
– Certificate of Origin
– Phytosanitary Certificate
– Fumigation Certificate
– Commercial Invoice
– Packing List

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