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Neogric connects both local and global businesses to the source of agric produce (i.e. farms), thereby facilitating supply and export, getting farm produce to buyers quicker and giving the farmers greater revenue.

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Challenges Facing Farmers/Sellers

We leverage technology to provide cutting edge solutions for farmers, businesses and consumers.

Neogric for Farmers

At Neogric, farmers are at the heart of what we do. We believe that if they are treated right, the entire agricultural value chain will be better for it!

Farmers (the Sellers) are plagued with large food and crop wastage due to lack of storage facilities and a fragmented supply chain. They also deal with low crop yield, coupled with low and late payment due to the lack of information on finance, market price and demand.

By building a high-speed, and tech-driven supply chain, we are able to get the supplies from the farms to the buyers in record time. Farmers (Sellers) also gain access to a broader market thereby making up to 25% more income and getting paid much quicker.

Neogric for Buyers

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Buyers are faced with inflated prices due to activities of middlemen. They also face the challenge of late delivery of farm produce and orders, due to fragmented and inefficient supply chains.

Our end-to-end supply chain solution helps in the prompt delivery of produce to the buyers. Also by largely cutting out inefficient middlemen activities we are able to provide goods at competitive prices, while also providing increased transparency (such as crop traceability).

Neogric for Investors & Brokers

We have a fantastic opportunity for businesses and individuals to fund export transactions with Neogric. Instead of leaving your money in the bank where inflation keeps reducing its value, why not invest it in a safe and rapidly expanding enterprise and earn up to 7 – 15% in profits.

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Individuals and businesses also have the opportunity of earning a commission by brokering export transactions with Neogric. Regardless of your physical location (Nigeria, Ghana, Asia, Europe or The United States), you can broker a deal and earn up to 2.5-5% commission.

Our Products

We are committed to revolutionizing the supply chain of various agric produce in Africa and we are starting with a few products.

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Cashew Nuts

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Fresh Produce

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